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Doumbia and Ibarbo Feature January Transfers From FIFA 15

EA Sports FIFA has been astonishingly fast with updating FIFA 15 transfers and today is no exception. The fifth batch of winter transfers was released yesterday, Deadline Day, as many transfer windows closed across Europe.(fifa 15 coins) Colombian star Juan Cuadrado was undoubtedly the biggest transfer of the window and now we await the update of additional FIFA 15 transferred players.

We are thoroughly impressed with EA's approach to updating transfers throughout the window. For FIFA 15, gamers waited a considerable length of time before players were available to their new squad. This year EA started with live transfers roughly two weeks ahead of the January transfer window closing.

We can now find Juan Cuadrado inside Gold packs in representing the Blues, and the same can be said for Andre Schurrle who switched to Wolfsburg from Chelsea. Below are the top transfers made during Deadline Day, February 2nd.

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